Recent- formal hair work in the salon. Beautiful!

California Styles Salon

Nestled under the Santa Monica Mountain range and full view of Boney Mountain, California Styles Salon & boutique gets "a breath of fresh ocean air " in Newbury Park, Ca.

Founder , owner Jessica Evrist is a Master Specialist with color and design who also specializes in curly hair.

Jake Yu is a jeoung master instructor who is Vidal Sassoon trained among other talented stylists and technicians.

Come indulge yourself in our day spa retreat , get a massage , facial and natural manicure and pedicure.

Also while you rejuvenate, shop in our eclectic consignment boutique. We use sulfate free shampoos, paraben free skin care and 100% vegan products as well. We utilize the latest in nano technology and anti oxidants to produce shiny healthy hair and glowing skin.We have systems of ventilation and refrain from using aerosols. "Where healthy practices produce beautiful results."


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