California Styles Salon

Nestled under the Santa Monica Mountain range and full view of Boney Mountain, California Styles Salon & boutique gets "a breath of fresh ocean air " in Newbury Park, Ca.

Founder , owner Jessica Evrist is a Master Specialist with color and design who also specializes in curly hair.

Jake Yu is a jeoung master instructor who is Vidal Sassoon trained among other talented stylists and technicians.

Come indulge yourself in our day spa retreat , get a massage , facial and natural manicure and pedicure.

Also while you rejuvenate, shop in our eclectic consignment boutique. We use sulfate free shampoos, paraben free skin care and 100% vegan products as well. We utilize the latest in nano technology and anti oxidants to produce shiny healthy hair and glowing skin.We have systems of ventilation and refrain from using aerosols. "Where healthy practices produce beautiful results."


  1. Anonymous said...

    This is pretty cool!! People can leave comments.

    I came in the salon the other day on Thursday. Your place looks really beautiful on the inside. Your salon is too good for the mall that you are in. Your business should skyrocket just because you blow away any competition around you!!!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    This site looks great!!!!  

  3. Jessica Evrist said...

    Well, we did it! Team "California Styles" competed in the Conejo Valley Days Chili Cook Off April 27th, 2008.

    Thanks to competition chef Gary Woods, People's choice Chef, Brian Evrist and all who helped cook and serve!
    Check out our crazy doll heads at our booth representing our effects of "Hair Raising Chili" on this video! It was hot,hot hot!

    Now that we are in the International Chili Society, you can come visit us and try our "California Styles, Hair Raising Chili" at the next Chili Cook off in Simi Valley, June 2008! (Maybe we'll do better than just the top 25 next time).

    If you want to be our live hair models for that event and have a Hair Raising time just email and we'll have your hair standing on end for California Styles Salon & Boutique's next "Hair Raising Chili" contest.

  4. Jessica Evrist,CEO, Artistic Director said...

    Jessica @ California Styles Salon Specializes in Curly hair and uses low to no chemical smells with anti oxidants in the hair color used. Enjoy relaxing in the open aire garden/ boutique style /full service salon.  

  5. Brett Weeks said...

    Hello Jessica,Thanks again for inviting me.Your site is nice,information good and look forward to hearing back from you.When is your color class?See Ya Soon,Bretton Weeks  

  6. Jessica Evrist,CEO, Artistic Director said...

    We're getting ready to raise the roof literally here at California Styles Salon, Health Day Spa & Boutique!

    So next time you are in you'll think you've walked into a green house! How's that for a garden salon!

    Drop in to have a demonstration on the new non- surgical facelift that everyone is talking about, Oprah, Rachel Ray and all the magazines to do with style and beauty. We can all use a lift so while we are at it with our ceiling, you can get lifted too with our new Nuface microcurrent device.Now this natural way beats a surgical face lift anyday. You can check it out online at It really works! Or I wouldn't have bought a ton of them for you to take one home!  

  7. California Styles Salon, Health Day Spa & Boutique said...

    Come see me at the new salon location in Thousand Oaks,Ca . 778 Greenwich drive, 91360

    We're going " back to the garden" with our natural haircare and spring in our curls!

    Exit rancho offramp from the 101 fwy or Thousand Oaks blvd from the 23 Fwy and go two blocks west to Houston. You'll find a cluster of little yellow houses called Greenwich Village and we are the main house in the middle of the gardens. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday only. (805) 341-5014 call for an appointment.  


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